5 Ideas for Housewarming Gifts Your Friend Actually Wants

Houseplant and Art

Do you have a friend or family member who has moved recently? Or maybe you have a new neighbor and want to welcome them to the neighborhood? You want to get a housewarming gift, but do people even do that anymore? What types of gifts would even be appreciated?

I know from personal experience that moving house is not for the faint of heart. (I tried to count, I think I’ve moved around 15 times!) The organizing, the packing, the relocating (across town, the country, the ocean), then un-packing … it’s a physically and emotionally exhausting endeavor to be sure.

That’s why there’s something so sweet about family, friends, and new neighbors who come around you to support you and help you during a stressful and chaotic time. Having help moving and unpacking is definitely a blessing, and if you’re in a position to help your friends and family in that way, I suggest doing that. But also, there is something so sweet about a friend or new neighbor who brings you a small housewarming gift to make your new house more homey!

But what to get? Well, from someone who has moved a ton, here are a few ideas that your recently relocated friend might appreciate!

1. Gift cards

Ok ok, settle down. I can hear the outcry, “a gift card!? How impersonal!” But, just hear me out!

Moving is expensive. Even if you DIY your moving day, there are always unplanned expenses that pop up. Maybe your friend will need to buy new shower curtains, or new shelving because she lost her built-ins, or lots and lots of shelf paper.

A gift card to a place like Target, Walmart, Home Depot, or Lowes can relieve a little bit of financial burden, or she can just treat herself after a stressful move. Gift cards to a local restaurants are also a great idea — you show your friend a new favorite and give them a nice meal so they don’t have to worry about cooking.

Houseplant, notebook, and coffee mug
Houseplants make great housewarming gifts! Check out your local nursery for easy-to-care-for houseplant options. Photo from Unsplash.

2. House Plants

There is something so lovely about having green plants in a room. Not only are plants pretty, they help purify the air in the house so they’re practical too! A small, hard to kill plant like a spider plant, pothos, or succulent in a cute pot make a great addition to any room.

If your friend has animals, make sure your selection is non-toxic if gnawed on by their cat or dog. If you know your friend has a black thumb, a bouquet of in-season flowers adds a nice touch of color, and they don’t have to worry about keeping them alive.

table of local farmers market preserves
Help your friend celebrate their new home by bringing some farmers market finds to their housewarming soiree. Photo from Unsplash.

3. Local Edibles

If your friend has a get-together in their new house after they move in, help them celebrate by bringing a food or beverage gift. Head to the local farmer’s market for some locally made honey, jams, or cheeses. A nice wine, gourmet cheese and crackers, fresh coffee from a local roaster — any of these things are a thoughtful little treat to someone who’s just gone through the headache of moving.


woman reading a book with cozy blanket and coffee
Help your friend feel at home by giving her a warm and cozy throw blanket to wrap herself up in on those rainy days. Photo from Unsplash.

4. Soft and snuggly throw blanket

What’s more warm and welcoming then crashing on the sofa with a snuggly blanket? Especially if your friend moves in the colder months, a warm throw can be a comfort to her as well as all the friends and family she invites into her home.


Watercolor Letter D
Watercolor alphabet art prints from Rachel Writes Fancy make a great housewarming gift!
Art print of Mighty Oaks From Little Acorns Grow
Get your friend an art print that reminds her of the good things in life — God’s love for her, the beauty of nature, peaceful colors, and people and places she loves.

5. Lettering art from Rachel Writes Fancy

I may be a little partial to this one, but a lettering art print or custom lettered gift item can be a great way to say “welcome home!” From your friend’s favorite inspirational quote to their family initial on an art print or note cards, lettering art can be way to remind your friend of the good things in life — God’s love for her, the beauty of nature, peaceful colors, and inspirational wisdom.

Think your friend would like some lettering art for her home? Visit my shop to see more! Don’t see what you’re looking for? Send me a message, and let me create something just for you!

Mighty Oaks From Little Acorns Grow

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