You need a visual identity, not just a logo

Unpopular opinion time: I don’t offer logos a la carte. The reason? It’s all about you. 

A long time ago I realized that only creating a logo without a supporting visual identity system seriously robs my clients of the personality, professionalism, and value they deserve. Let’s dive into those reasons a bit.


As a small business owner, your work is full of heart and soul. So is your brand. When you limit your brand identity to the logo at the top of your website or business card, it doesn’t communicate the full message of who you are. You won’t attract your perfect clients, who are ready and waiting to knock down your door and work with you. When they see a hodge-podge of materials, they’ll think “I needed this service, but I don’t think we’ll be a good fit,” and move right along to another business who’s materials match their personality.


Lacking a visual identity system robs your client of seeing your professionalism. This is essential in building trust between you and your client. That trust encourages them to work with you and establish a long, fruitful business relationship. When your brand lacks a visual identity, it leaves clients wondering if you really know what you’re doing. A full-fledged branding identity package with colors, fonts, icons or patterns, and fully designed collateral like business cards and brochures shows your client that you’re professional and reliable. 


All my clients get a strategy session to assess your needs and get to know the heart and soul of your business. Spending all that time diving into your brand story, to only create a logo, doesn’t make the best use of your session. You’re wasting your time and money building one small piece of your visual branding. You could use the same amount of time working with me to get branding that perfectly expresses your true personality and professionalism to your clients.

When we work together, your package will include so much more than a logo. That’s what shows your customers that you’re excellent at your job, and the perfect fit for their needs. On top of that, you’ll get the absolute best value for our time spent together. So let’s talk! Click here to get in touch.

You Need a Visual Identity

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