Capturing life’s joyful moments {Amber Lowe Photo rebrand}

Amber Lowe is a wedding and lifestyle photographer in Knoxville, TN. Amber started her photography business in 2012, and as the years went on her style and brand matured and evolved. In Spring of 2018, we sat down together and I got to know Amber and her business so I could give her a fresh new logo and supporting branded elements.

Amber Lowe Knoxville Photographer
Meet Amber! She is sweet, fun, personable, and makes her clients feel at ease.

Meet Amber

As a person, Amber is a joy to be around! She is sweet, fun, personable, and makes her clients feel at ease. Her photos are beautiful — her subjects are enjoying the moment, with a style focused on mood, contrasts, and color.

Amber’s clients are kind, happy, and generous people, who are typically fun and easygoing. No “bridezillas” here! When she works, she focuses on brining out the joy of the moment, and capturing what is real and authentic.

Southeast Wedding Photographer - Blue Ridge Mountains - Anna Kat
Amber loves documenting the joyful moments of her clients.

Growing pains

Since Amber’s style and business had evolved a lot since her beginning in 2012, it was time for her visual branding to evolve as well. Her brand needed a new logo that captured the life and joy that she brings out of her clients, as well as the mood of her photos.

previous logo
This was Amber’s previous logo, which didn’t quite fit with her evolving brand.

As a photographer, it’s so important for Amber to stand out in a saturated industry. Her logo needs to be unique, not only to stand out against competitors, but because that’s the feeling she wants her clients to feel as well.

“As a photographer and a business owner, it’s so important for me to stand out in such a saturated industry. When Rachel sent over my new logo, I was in love. It wasn’t just another font with ‘Amber Lowe Photo’. It was unique because she hand lettered it. This idea is a reflection of what I want my clients to feel as well. Unique and beautiful. That there is no copy of themselves. That they were not created to be a certain size, have a certain income, or even to have the same personality. No one can be you…only you. That’s what this brand is about to me.”

Because of the mood and experience she wanted to give her clients, Amber was interested in crown imagery and incorporating that into her new visual brand. She also has a love of all things Disney, and wanted her logo to capture her dreamy and whimsical nature.

Working it out

After our initial consultation and reviewing Amber’s inspiration images, it was time to get to work sketching! With so much of Amber’s brand focused on making her clients feel unique, special, and beautiful, a logo in a commonly used typeface would not do. I knew that for this brand, hand lettering was absolutely the way to go.

Concept sketches

In my sketches and eventual concepts I presented, it was important for me to keep the letterforms joyful and fun, but with a level of elegance and maturity. After presenting a couple of concepts, Amber chose the logo inspired by classic, mid-century brush scripts. The solid baseline gives it that classic look, the vertical slant makes it a bit fun and less formal.

ALP Logo__Blue
Amber’s new logo
amber 4 variations
The hand drawn logo in four color variations
ALP Logo_Icon Blue
“A” with tiny crown icon — a perfect abbreviated mark to place on photos or for social profiles.
The new A icon to mark her beautiful photos for social media.
Amber Lowe Business Card_1
Business card


Now — instead of a logo in a common typeface that doesn’t stand out — Amber has  beautiful hand-drawn brand elements to help move her business forward. The visual elements of her brand now match the message she wants to convey, and will help attract the type of clients she loves to work with!

Is you’re branding working for you? Let me help you give your customers a beautiful experience with my customized visual brand design services. Contact me to learn more!


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