Don’t Dig Up in Doubt {Free Download}

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September is here, and in the US, the first Monday is a holiday set aside to take a break in our work and enjoy the fruits of our labor.

But, what if you look back, and it seems like you’ve been working and working, but getting nowhere? There are only four months left in the year, and maybe you’re not even close to hitting the goals you set for yourself on January 1.

Maybe that relationship isn’t working out how you hoped. Or your career seems stalled. Or being a parent is just extra tough. For me personally, the last month has been a bit of a discouragement, and I’m tempted to just throw in the towel on my dreams.

Elisabeth Elliot quote 700px

But as I was thinking and praying about the way forward, God brought this sweet quote to by Elisabeth Elliot to mind:

“Don’t dig up in doubt what you planted in faith.”

Don’t give up. You’ve taken steps forward in faith. Just because you can’t see any growth, doesn’t mean nothing’s happening below the surface. Keep going. God’s got this.

Raise your hand: is this for you too? I see you there friend! So, in honor of Labor Day and all the steps you’ve taken in faith, I made a free digital wallpaper download for you (and me).  Let this be a reminder to us to take one step at a time, forward in faith!

Want the download? Tap to get your desktop and phone wallpaper right in your inbox.

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